New Hampshire push to legalize casino gambling in the state

NH House defeats casino gambling bill Bill would have allowed 2 casinos to be built in state. Share Shares Copy Link . Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 6:23 PM EDT Apr 29, 2015 World Travel Awards is proud to announce the 2015 winner for World's Leading Online Travel Agency Website as February 22, 2015. Casino Bill Rejected by NH House. The New Hampshire House of Representatives denied a bill that would have allowed for gaming in the state. The measure would have allowed for the development of two casinos. Supporters of the measure believed that the casinos would have earned additional revenue for communities and the state. New jobs would have been created by the casinos 23 February 2015. Tags: casino bill, Casino Free NH, casino license, Granite Againts Expanded Gambling, Kirby Garlitos, League of Women Voters, Lou Allesandro, New Hampshire. The ongoing casino NH Lawmakers Reject Casino Bill By Wide Margin April 29, 2015 at 2:01 pm Filed Under: Casino , Casino Proposal , Gambling , New Hampshire House , New Hampshire Politics , NH Casinos , NH Gambling A casino expansion bill, sponsored by New Hampshire Senator Lou D’Allesandro, was voted down by the state House on Thursday. New Hampshire lawmakers also approved a measure that would make sure that no such proposal would appear on the table throughout the rest of the current legislative session. The bill was killed by a 275-82 […] NH Senate Bill 113 Apr 7, 2015 Apr 7, 2015; Download PDF As featured on. House panel hears testimony on casino bill. Supporters of a bill that would legalize expanded gambling and bring two high New Hampshire Casino Bill. In May 2019, a proposal to allow the creation of two new casinos in New Hampshire was rejected by the state’s lower house. Lawmakers voted 289-63 against the bill, and then by a similar margin to “indefinitely postpone” the idea so that it could not be discussed again in the same year. The bill’s sponsor NH House kills casino bill BY DOUG IRELAND [email protected] ; Apr 29, 2015 Apr 29, 2015; CONCORD — The House voted 208-156 on Wednesday to kill legislation that would have legalized Casino gambling has never won approval in the House, but an endorsement from the committee would improve its chances this year. The bill is similar to one before lawmakers last year. It would

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