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I got to ask Norm a question!

Last night's show at WinStar Casino in Oklahoma was amazing. Norm killed for 40 minutes. He had a mix of about half new material, half old. I recorded audio for most of the set and will post later once I have time to edit it. Norm, David Spade, and Dennis Miller were nice enough to do a Q&A after their sets.
I had the last question of the night. I first told Norm that he is my favorite comedian ever. Spade and Miller kind of laughed at this, because most of the previous questions were also fanboys gushing over Norm. Norm responded with humility. "Well, it's a lot easier to open." (Norm was the first act of the night.)
I told Norm that Bob Dylan is my favorite musician, and I know that Norm also loves Bob. In Norm's book, he has a Dylan quote on the first page from the song Absolutely Sweet Marie: "To live outside the law, you must be honest." I asked Norm what the quote means to him.
He said: "I always loved that quote. When you're an artist, you can't just be an anarchist. It's good to live outside the law in an artistic way, but you have to make your own rules. You have to uhh... make sure you don't hurt people with your words."
applause break
"But also, I do believe in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior."
more applause
The show ended, and I stayed by the stage, hoping to get a handshake. He walked to the front of the stage and gave me and a few others handshakes. He told me that it was a good question.
So that was it! I walked away with a big dumb grin on my face. I really could not have been more pleased with how Norm treats his fans. He actually pulled the guy before me up on stage for a picture and a hug.
TL;DR: I met my comedy hero and he told me I need Jesus.
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Assuming the Casino Ladder Match is for the title match at All Out 2020, who is the biggest/best star AEW could realistically get for the mystery slot to win the match?

This is a different question from who you expect it to be. Who do you think would be the best option (within reason) assuming that the winner would main event All Out? Btw I don't know if that's the stip, I only hypothesize that because the same applied to the Casino Battle Royal last year and technically the Over Budget Battle Royal from All In (that was the same night but it DID get Flip an RoH World Title shot at All In). Also the "mystery" contestant has won both years so it makes some sense to assume the same will happen again.
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[World] - Nevada casino winnings report charts slow return of gamblers | Toronto Star

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"So it's been a weird six weeks or so for me"

Those were the first words Donald Fagen spoke to the crowd after Black Cow, Aja and Hey 19 started off the show at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, OK last night. I've been to numerous SD shows over the years but last night, as you would suspect, was very very different. The band played for nearly two hours and the setlist was very similar to the 2016 "The Dan Who Knew Too Much" tour. Book of Liars, from Walter Beckers 11 Tracks of Whack album was performed with a touching video tribute along side it. Kid Charlemagne closed out the show and I had a few thoughts afterwards. This might be the last time I get to see the band, the fantastic musicians, the great Dannettes. I was lucky enough to score 5th row center seats and the performance was pristine. It was as good as any SD show I've been to. Secondly, while there are musical acts with some common elements, nothing really replicates what this band can do live. The fact that the horn section, rhythm and singers have largely remained they same for the 17+ is no small feat. Lastly, I miss Walter Becker being up there. The bluesy noodling through songs, being goofy during Hey 19, introducing the band. It just wasn't the same without him.
Lastly, I'll end with a question for the subreddit. Multiple people in my section kept yelling 'Hey Herington, step on it!' to Jon Herington. Is this a tradition I was unaware of or perhaps some strange Oklahoma ritual I shouldn't ask about?
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[World] - NJ casinos, tracks win $264M in July after virus reopening | Toronto Star

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Race Thread: NCWTS WinStar World Casino 400 @ Texas Motor Speedway - Tonight @ 9pm EST.

Welcome to the race thread for tonight's NCWTS WinStar World Casino 400 @ Texas Motor Speedway.
TV/Radio/Internet: SPEED TV will broadcast tonight's race. Pre-Race show begins at 8:30 p.m. ET. The Motor Racing Network (MRN) has the race on radio.
Driver Intro's: 8:40 EST
Green Flag: -- 9:00 PM ET.
Race Length: 167 Laps, 250.5 Miles
Starting Line-up thanks to Jayski: WinStar Casino 400 Line-up PDF file -- Tonight's pole was set by Johnny Sauter, joining him to lead off the field to green is Jeb Burton
/NASCAR Information: Latest / NASCAR Mod post with Subscriber & Flair information:
Tip: Sort posts by "NEW" to see the latest race information, upvote this topic for visibility.
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Race Sponsor Spotlight: Pocono/Texas

Pocono is the next stop for the Cup and Xfinity Series for the Axalta presents the Pocono 400 and the Pocono Green 250. About 1,526.8 miles away, the Truck Series joins the IndyCar Series and Stadium Super Trucks at Texas Motor Speedway with the 400.
Since its first race in 2016, the Pocono Xfinity race has never had a title sponsor, so they won't be covered in this edition.
Cup: Axalta presents the Pocono 400
I suppose Axalta doesn't need much of an introduction for NASCAR fans, especially those who know it as DuPont Performance Coatings. For the sake of this series, let's go as far back as possible, when DuPont first joined the sport.
DuPont's involvement in NASCAR did not start with Jeff Gordon, but with Ricky Craven's #99 in the Busch Series in 1992. Running the full season with DuPont sponsorship, he finished 14th in points. When Craven started his own team in 1994, the #2 was also adorned with DuPont livery. In five seasons together, Craven/DuPont won twice (both in 1994).
At the end of the 1992 season, DuPont decided to sponsor a Winston Cup Series car: the #24 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, driven by a young, mustachioed California kid by the name of Jeff Gordon). The youngster and DuPont's Cup debut did not go as planned, crashing on lap 164 and finishing 31st.
Gordon and DuPont moved up to the Cup Series full-time in 1993, where he earned Rookie of the Year honors before winning his first Cup races in 1994. The rest is history.
For much of the 1990s and early 2000s, Gordon's rainbow #24 featured DuPont as a primary sponsor, with occasional one-offs sharing the hood with the navy blue oval like NASCAR Racers, the silver NASCAR 2000 car, and the (in)famous T-Rex.
Besides Gordon, DuPont also sponsored other drivers in the lower series during the 1990s. In 1995, the newly-formed SuperTruck Series also featured a rainbow #24 car sponsored by DuPont.... driven by Scott Lagasse. Gordon's teammate Terry Labonte also drove a DuPont truck – the #5 – part-time that year. Over the next four years, DuPont made sporadic appearances on trucks: Lonnie Cox's #36 featured DuPont Thompson PBE sponsorship, while Bill Sedgwick and Austin Cameron had DuPont Stainmaster Carpet in 1998 and 1999, respectively. In 1999, Gordon and crew chief Ray Evernham's Busch Series team – Gordon/Evernham Motorsports – fielded the #24 Pepsi car for Ricky Hendrick, though Hendrick also drove a DuPont car on two occasions.
In 2001, Gordon announced he would be dropping the 51-time race-winning Rainbow Warrior and speculation arose regarding what its replacement would be. As every fan would know, in came the flames.
"I feel like the team has really worked hard and come together this year," Gordon stated. "That should put us in a real good position and I think the new paint scheme will be a great way to re-ignite this team going into next year."
"NASCAR has been a tremendous showcase for our paint finishes and this new paint scheme utilizes our latest undercoat and most productive clearcoat, and features brilliant, exciting colors," DuPont Performance Coatings president Lou Savelli added. "We think it will generate even more recognition of the DuPont name among NASCAR fans throughout the world."
Gordon would drive the blue-and-red flames car to Victory Lane 29 times, including his fourth and final championship in its debut season in 2001. Other DuPont variations began to appear on the #24 starting in 2002, such as the DuPont 200 Years car at the 2002 Daytona 500, DuPont Hot Hues at the 2006 Fontana/Indianapolis races, and Cromax Pro at the 2007 Fontana race. DuPont also served as associate sponsors for races like the Pepsi 400, appearing on the side panel as Pepsi adorned the hood; Nicorette and National Guard have also done the same.
At the turn of the decade, Gordon replaced the blue on the DuPont car with black. He won once in the new car at Pocono in 2011. During the year, DuPont's role as Gordon's sponsor decreased as he picked up AARP/Drive to End Hunger for more races; DuPont would serve as a primary sponsor for just 13 races each in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, Gordon and DuPont celebrated their 20-year anniversary with a Sam Bass-designed black-and-red car, followed by a silver scheme for the season-ending race at Homestead, one that would be driven to victory.
After the 2012 season, DuPont Performance Coatings was sold to The Carlyle Group, who rebranded the company as Axalta Coating Systems. The "new" company quickly formed a relationship with Rick Hendrick, becoming the exclusive paint for Hendrick Automotive Group.
With a new name came a slightly different paint scheme for Gordon. Axalta brands Cromax Pro and Imron Elite appeared on track before the main Axalta scheme, doing so at Texas, Talladega, and Darlington before the primary car made its debut at the June Pocono race, where Gordon finished 13th. Another Axalta paint, Standox, sponsored Gordon at the August Michigan race that year. In 2014, Gordon finally broke through to win his first race in an Axalta car at the spring Kansas event, and backed it up with two more wins in the same car at Indy and Michigan.
2015 marked Gordon's final season of full-time NASCAR racing. Axalta sponsored Gordon's car nine times during the year and even brought back the Rainbow Warrior for the Bristol night race. Although he was unable to win a race with Axalta sponsorship that year, a Chase win at Martinsville placed him in championship contention at Homestead, where Axalta unveiled a silver flames paint scheme; after finishing sixth, he ended the points battle with a third-place finish.
With Gordon's retirement, he remained close with Axalta, becoming its global business advisor and a spokesman. Axalta also opened a Customer Experience Center in 2016, located near the Hendrick Motorsports facility.
"I think this is a tremendous tribute to NASCAR and the race teams to have a sponsor as big as Axalta that is willing to put a center like this in the middle of your complex," Hendrick commented. "It says a lot about the way they use the sport and the success they’ve had on and off the track."
Axalta moved to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s #88 car for the 2016 season. Earnhardt drove the car in five races before stepping aside due to concussion problems. Gordon and Alex Bowman served as Earnhardt's substitutes, both running four races each in an Axalta car. Bowman also drove a University of Michigan scheme at the Pure Michigan 400, the third time a college had partnered with Axalta and HMS (after Texas A&M and Penn State). During Earnhardt's own final season in 2017, his Axalta car featured a new Solar Flare design, which he has driven four times so far.
As a paint provider, Axalta has done so for Hendrick Motorsports and lower series affiliate JR Motorsports (with JRM drivers Regan Smith and William Byron driving Axalta-sponsored cars). Interestingly, Kyle Busch Motorsports also has Axalta as a partner (and can be noted when looking closely at their trucks). Stewart-Haas Racing also started receiving Axalta paint in 2014. Outside of NASCAR, Axalta's Spies Hecker brand provides paint for Mercedes F1, which team principal Toto Wolff has described as being light enough to reduce the weight of the Silver Arrows.
While DuPont had never sponsored a Cup or Truck Series race, it sponsored the first Nationwide race at Iowa in 2013, dubbing it the DuPont Pioneer 250 (won by Trevor Bayne). Axalta, on the other hand, began its sponsorship of races in 2015 with the spring Phoenix Xfinity race. Compared to its predecessor, Axalta had more "unique" race names, like the aforementioned Phoenix race being the Axalta Faster. Tougher. Brighter. 200 (lasting two years) and its first Cup race sponsorship, the 2015 June Pocono race, being the Axalta "We Paint Winners" 400. Ironically, the winner of the first Axalta 400 was not an Axalta driver (Martin Truex Jr.); SHR's Kurt Busch won in 2016. For 2017, Axalta simply named the race the "Axalta presents the Pocono 400".
Truck: 400
WinStar World Casino and Resort is an Oklahoma-based, well, casino and resort. Originally known simply as the WinStar Casino, 2009 saw a big year for it as it underwent renovation, renamed itself to WinStar World Casino, and began to dabble in NASCAR race sponsorship with the both of the Truck Series races at Texas Motor Speedway. The first race is a support event for the IndyCar Series, while the second is for the AAA Texas 500 weekend.
Both races use kilometers to determine distance; from 2009 to 2013, they were the WinStar World Casino 400K and 350K; in 2014 and 2015, they became the WinStar World Casino & Resort 400 and 350; in 2016, WinStar withdrew their sponsorships as the races became the Rattlesnake 400 and the Striping Technology 350. For 2017, WinStar's became the title sponsor of the June race, branding it the 400.
Interesting, WinStar never sponsored a catruck (in the national series, at least) until 2017. At Texas' O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 Cup race, WinStar was an associate sponsor of Landon Cassill, who finished 29th.
Let's go racing.
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Joseph Agbeko, Akira Yaegashi vs Edgar Sosa, Darren Barker vs Felix Sturm, Paulie Malignaggi vs Zab Judah + more

Friday December 6

From Metro City, Northbridge, Western Australia

Chris John 48(22)-0-3 vs Simpiwe Vetyeka 25(15)-2

12 rounds
WBO featherweight title
WBA super world featherweight title
From what I’ve last heard, this fight is in jeopardy of not happening, but let’s assume it is. Why is this fight a big deal? Well, for one Chris John is leaving his home country to fight. Two, Chris John is approaching a big number: 50 wins. Many have tried and failed trying to reach Marciano’s iconic undefeated record in boxing. Spadafora just recently failed. And three, John did not look good in his last fight and it will be interesting to see how he does. He still claims he’s on the world level, but it will take a very impressive victory to convince me.

From Coliseo Elias Chegwin, Barranquilla, Colombia

Darleys Perez 28(19)-1 vs Dunis Linan 22(16)-23-2

10 rounds
Lightweight division
Hey you remember Darleys Perez, right? He damn near (and to some did) beat Yurirokis Gamboa the last time he was out. Come on, remember… that’s the day Stevenson knocked out Dawson. Seriously, it was a close fight, I remember. Hey 50, you remember right? No? How come no one believes me? I remember clearly. Gamboa fought this tough dude who went down a couple of times, but it was probably from slips and balance issues. He made Gamboa reach all night and countered him pretty nice at times. Seriously guys. Oh well…

Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan

Akira Yaegashi 18(9)-3 vs Edgar Sosa 49(29)-7

12 rounds
WBC flyweight title
Lineal flyweight title
Yaegashi is the flyweight who beat the flyweight. Of all fights this weekend, this might be the one I’m most excited for. Yaegashi fights in a crowd pleasing style and his fight with Toshiyuki Igarishi was a fight of the year contender. So was his fight with Kazuto Ioka. Sosa may have 7 losses, but this dude is a warrior. This fight should be a true war and I wouldn’t necessarily want to be the winner. The flyweight division has quietly become the most stacked division in boxing. There’s Juan Francisco Estrada, Giovani Segura, Milan Melindo, Giovani Segura, Juan Carlos Reveco, and of course Roman Gonzalez all waiting for a chance to fight the winner.

Naoya Inoue 4(3)-0 vs Jersen Mancio 18(9)-3-3

12 rounds
Light flyweight division
Naoya Inoue belongs on any top prospect list. He’s been fighting for a year and a couple of months, is 20 years old, and debuted against a guy with a 16-4-1 record. Inoue already has some better wins than some beltholders currently out there. Inoue is must watch right now, at least to say you saw him when he was barely coming up. Only Vasyl Lomachenko has had a more impressive pro debut. If Inoue continues to win, a super domestic fight could be brewing between him and Kazuto Ioka.

Ryota Murata 1(1)-0 vs Dave Peterson 13(8)-1

8 rounds
Murata won the Gold medal at the 2012 London Games representing Japan. He’s signed with Top Rank and is being fast tracked toward a title. Like his countryman Naoya Inoue and promotion-mate Vasyl Lomachenko, he debuted against a very capable opponent. He stopped his man in 2 and is looking to give Peterson his second career loss. Murata has the talent to be a future player in the middleweight division.

From UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinoi

Kryzsztof Wlodarczyk 48(34)-2-1 vs Giacobbe Fragomeni 31(12)-3-2

12 rounds
WBC cruiserweight title
Wlodarczyk originally won the WBC cruiserweight title from Fragomeni back in 2010. This is their third match against each other. Their first was a draw and the second a TKO for Wlodarczyk. Wlodarczyk’s only real loss was to Steve Cunningham back in 2006.

Andrzej Fonfara 24(14)-2 vs Samuel Miller 26(23)-7

10 rounds
Light heavyweight division

Jonathan Gonzalez 16(13)-0-1 Jaison Palomeque 14(9)-7-1

8 rounds
Light middleweight division
This is the Puerto Rican Jonathan Gonzalez. The one who probably burned some bridges not making weight.

From Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington

J’Leon Love 15(8)-0 vs Lajuan Simon 23(12)-4-2

10 rounds
Middleweight division
In his last time out, Love failed to make weight and tested positive for a banned diuretic. His controversial win was changed to a no decision. Unfortunately, it should have been a loss. But now Love is returning against an opponent coming off 2 losses and he’s headlining a ShoBox card. Love is talented. He has yet to do anything truly special in any of his fights, but the dude is talented. I expect an easy victory.

Badou Jack 15(10)-0-1 vs Rogelio Medina 31(25)-4

10 rounds
Super middleweight division
Okay, maybe this is just going to be an episode of ShoBox where we say this is a showcase for Floyd Mayweather’s stable of fighters. Jack previously fought a close fight against solid contender Marco Antonio Periban.

Mickey Bey 18(9)-1-1 vs Carlos Cardenas 20(13)-6-1

10 rounds
Super featherweight division
Last time we saw Bey, he was on his way to an easy decision victory where he looked pretty good. Then he was stopped in dramatic fashion in the 12th. This could have been a title fight if he had won that night, but instead he’s on the rebound against a durable, but beatable opponent.

Luis Arias 7(3)-0 vs Cameron Allen 5(3)-13

8 rounds
Super middleweight division
The winner is likely to face Andre Ward.

Ashley Theophane 33(10)-6-1 vs Robert Osiobe 14(6)-7-4

8 rounds
Welterweight division
Just kidding. Just checking to see if you’re even reading.

Saturday December 7

From Porsche Arena, Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany

Darren Barker 26(16)-1 vs Felix Sturm 38(17)-3-2

12 rounds
IBF middleweight title
Originally, Felix Sturm was the IBF middleweight champion. Then Daniel Geale upset him in Australia. Then Barker beat Geale on HBO. As the new middleweight champion, here were the options for Darren Barker. A. face fellow middleweight title holder and boogeyman Gennady Golovkin. B. Face another middleweight title holder Peter Quillin. C. Call out Floyd Mayweather. Or… D. Face Felix Sturm in his home country, with the judges likely ever so biased toward him, for more money and less risk than options A or B. Barker made the right choice. Unless, Sturm is about to be reborn in the ring. We shall see. Barker is gritty and has a very solid defense.

From Echo Arena, Liverpool, Mercyside, UK

Liam Smith 15(5)-0-1 vs Mark Thompson 25(15)-3

12 rounds
BBBofC British light middleweight title

Paul Butler 13(7)-0 vs Ruben Montoya 12(8)-1-1

12 rounds
Super flyweight division

Joe Selkirk 11(5)-0 vs Zoltan Sera 12(8)-0

12 rounds
Light middleweight division
Somebody's 0 has got to go.

Stephen Ormond 15(7)-1 vs Derry Mathews 34(19)-8-2

12 rounds
WBO European lightweight title
Here we are again, another fight where Derry Mathews is an underdog. The thing with Mathews is that he’s dangerous at all times. He can box just well enough. He’s got just enough power. He’s an upsetter and Ormond, if he hopes to reach past the domestic level, will need to beat Mathews convincingly.

From WinStar Casino, Tackerville, Oklahoma

Daniel Diaz 20(14)-5-1 vs Robert Marroquin 23(16)-3

10 rounds
Super featherweight
Marroquin is the guy who famously hurt Rigondeaux multiple times in a one-sided fight.

Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez 26(20)-0 vs Don Mouton 12(10)-7-1

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Prospect watch! Keep your eyes on Sanchez.

Alex Saucedo 11(8)-0 vs Gilbert Venegas 12(8)-12-4

6 rounds
Welterweight division
Another prospect watch! I really like Saucedo. He’s still very green, so don’t expect Vasyl Lomachenko.

From Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Paulie Malignaggi 32(7)-5 vs Zab Judah 42(29)-8

12 rounds
vacant NABF welterweight title
This is going to be our fight of the week and moneymizzlle will be preparing a longer preview. As for my thoughts, the only real thought I had is that I'm shocked that Paulie only has 7 KO's. I could have sworn he had more. Second, I like Zab in this fight.

Devon Alexander 25(14)-1 vs Shawn Porter 22(14)-0-1

12 rounds
IBF welterweight title
After failing to secure fights with British welterweights Kell Brook & Amir Khan, Devon Alexander returns against up-and-coming welterweight Shawn Porter. At some point, I expect Alexander to be a major player at welterweight. He’s talented, he’s slick, he’s got good sting on his punches, and knows how to adjust his gameplan. Since losing to Timothy Bradley, Alexander has only gotten better. Alexander in this fight not only needs to win, but he needs to show some fire. He needs to show fire and get the fans to want to see him. He’s been labeled as a boring fighter and if he is to ever get a shot at Floyd Mayweather, he’ll need to be someone people want to see consistently.

Erislandy Lara 18(12)-1-2 vs Austin Trout 26(14)-1

12 rounds
Vacant WBA world light middleweight title
This card features 4 of the top slick southpaws in the game. 2 are in this fight. Lara and Trout are fairly similar in style. Don’t expect this to be a brawl. This will be a chess match. Both of these 2 aren’t known for having spectacular offenses. They are both exceptional at making their opponents miss. Trout is coming off a tough split decision loss to Canelo. Lara recently stopped Angulo, but tasted the canvas multiple times.

Sakio Bika 32(21)-5-2 vs Anthony Dirrell 26(22)-0

12 rounds
WBC super middleweight title
This title is really Andre Ward’s. Weird happenings with the WBC made it a vacant title and Sakio Bika won it… Bika is rugged. His style is hard to describe. He has been called dirty in the past. Dirrell will look to outbox him and win on the cards. Bika, despite 5 losses, has never been stopped and he’s been in with the best. If Dirrell can stop him, that would be very impressive.

From Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Guillermo Rigondeaux 12(8)-0 vs Joseph Agbeko 29(22)-4

12 rounds
WBA super world super bantamweight title
WBO super bantamweight title
Alright, this is it. Many of you complained about the unfair treatment of Rigondeaux. That he slayed the beast they call Donaire and all he got was the runaround from HBO and the terrible promoter Bob Arum. Now he’s headlining a card in Atlantic City and his opponent is a fun one. Agbeko is a rugged guy who always fights hard. He had terrible luck in his fight with Abner Mares where Mares and referee Russell Mora defeated Agbeko by MD. I doubt Agbeko could ever outbox Rigondeaux, but what he will do it apply pressure. Now, there isn’t much to be said about Rigondeaux that could really summarize why you should watch him. How about… he’s a cross between Neo and a chessmaster.
Sidenote: Who do you think wins in a tag team match, "The Marvelous Ones" Mares & Mora or Smokin Smoger & Alien Hopkins?

James Kirkland 31(27)-1 vs Glen Tapia 20(12)-0

10 rounds
light middleweight division
Glen Tapia was the frontrunner for me this year when it came to the prospect of the year. I’ve since taken him off the list because he’s finally made it to HBO and I think this will be his grand arrival. His opponent is tough. Kirkland, with Ann Wolfe, is one of the most dangerous fighters out there. If Tapia is as legit as I think he is, Kirkland will be upset and Tapia will fight Demetrius Andrade for a junior middleweight title next year. Style-wise, Tapia is a former amateur standout who didn’t achieve as high as his talent probably should have taken him because his style was more suited for the pros. He is a boxer-puncher who can box if he needs to, but his preferred method is to do a bit of banging. Kirkland is an aggressive dude who comes forward. This fight could have a bid for fight of the year.

Matthew Macklin 29(20)-5 vs Lamar Russ 14(7)-0

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Macklin returns against an unbeaten opponent in what may be a win or go home fight for the Irishman. A win could set up a huge fight with Andy Lee in Ireland on St Patricks Day. That would be awesome.

Matt Korobov 21(12)-0 vs Dereck Edwards 26(13)-2-1

8 rounds
Middleweight division
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Большие Выигрыши в Казино!В галереи можно увидеть наши самые большие выигрыши с умножением от x100 до x1000 и более! Только правдивые истории!Endorphina Big Wins. Loading Images PRAGMATIC BIG WINS. Loading Images Golden Star Casino.Большие

Большие Выигрыши в Казино!В галереи можно увидеть наши самые большие выигрыши с умножением от x100 до x1000 и более! Только правдивые истории!Endorphina Big Wins. Loading Images PRAGMATIC BIG WINS. Loading Images Golden Star Casino.Большие submitted by PlayBest to promote [link] [comments]

[Request] Odds of 3 blackjacks in a row?

Last night at WinStar casino in Oklahoma, after a buddy of mine played a few hands at a $5 blackjack table, I sat down and proceeded to have a blackjack on my first 3 consecutive hands. There were 4 other people playing the table (including my friend), and the table used 6 decks. I sat down mid-shoe and I wasn't actively counting so I don't know anything about the cards previously used. What were the odds of my first three hands being a blackjack?
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Birthday time!

Turning big 29 on Jan 21! What should I celebrate with. I'll be relaxing at WinStar Casino in Oklahoma for a few days and want to take a few good sticks!
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[US] 21 (2008) Kevin Spacey stars in this fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings.

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The Star wins the chance to prove it should be the Gold Coast's only casino

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[EXPANSION] Negotiations begin for Oklahoma to join the Republic of Texas

President Ewing's first major speech since his inaugural address took place at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.
"First of all, I have to thank John Yantsy for inviting me and my delegation to stay in this fine hotel, and I'm proud to announce that something long in the making might finally happen. The people of Oklahoma and the people of Texas really aren't that different, despite what any fan at a OU-UT game might say. We all value hard work, a strong family, and freedom. So it seems natural that we should work together, a stronger, united nation, under the Banner of the Lone Star Republic. It's a good day for Texas and Oklahoma, today is the day that we rise!"
Final arrangements should be made by July, congress will be reworked to account for the influx of citizens.
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The Star's $530m Pyrmont casino tower rejected by the state's planning commission. Partly due to "unacceptable visual impacts due to its scale" and poor design. Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore said the decision was "a win for the integrity of the planning system, for the community and for fairness".

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The gambling epidemic that's gripping the game: One England star bet £500 on his own transfer to a top flight club in a bid to win £5,000 and a Premier League defender lost £500,000 on mobile phone casino games in a year, leaving him with just pennies in an account that once had £1.2 million in it.

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The Star wins the chance to prove it should be the Gold Coast's only casino

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Play Ping Pong Star WIN 100 - Best Online Casino

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[World] - Ponca Tribe of Nebraska win another legal battle over casino | Toronto Star

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