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The Challenges Of Getting A Casino Merchant Account

If there is one thing that we learnt this year, it is that along with being extremely competitive, the casino industry is ever-growing. The introduction of technology has transformed the business entirely. It is no longer the industry that began in the 90s. Due to the emergence of e-commerce, these days, payments are preferably done via credit and debit cards. But due to the high-risk attached to the business, a casino merchant account is a compulsory requirement to enable the processing of credit and debit card payments. The changes in the market trends, laws and regulations are just some of the challenges you face when you acquire a casino merchant account online. Here are some more challenges associated with getting an online casino merchant account.
· Fraud
The rapid growth of the online gaming industry has come as a boon for business owners. However, it has also led to an increase in the number of cybercriminal activities. When you open casino merchant account, select providers that offer tools for fraud prevention. It will help enhance your business’ security and protect your customers’ data.
· Chargebacks
One of the ways to ruin your business’ reputation is chargebacks. A chargeback is the money that an online gambling company reimburses to the credit card company for a transaction that a cardholder disputes and are considered fraudulent. More chargebacks means greater losses for a casino merchant account holder.
· Bonus abuse
A common marketing trick is to provide promotional offers to new players. This is done to encourage the players to register themselves and open an account. However, the businesses are often at the losing end of this because players have resorted to creating a different account every time they play, in order to continue taking the kickbacks of the bonuses.
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Higher benefits with Online Casino Merchant Account

The online casino is the product of the people's rising demand for games. Although the business is almost similar to the conventional corporation. Only one difference is that you will pay for online casino merchant acoount. You can target and earn a lot of money from the online sector. Novices and other professionals with extensive Casino merchant account online experience can also target countries easily. The organisation is extremely reliable and profitable. Open casino merchant account with us.
  1. Multiple currency considerations are one of the key features. It allows you to have many currencies for your corporate account. You may also have a huge sales volume.
  2. Your company is supported with a high volume of transactions through an effective payment gateway. With so many extra features for your business account, you can optimise your company better. Other features such as safety problems, data violation forms that a dealer admires and with online casino merchant account you don't need to think about these issues. You will expand your company faster with a trading account, and it really makes a big difference.
  3. The account of Merchant adds more functionality to your business. Firstly, it integrates you easier and makes the whole system smooth and versatile. You can render seamless payment transactions by a better integrated framework. The trader does not need an inefficient system that renders the whole system complicated; he needs a system that encourages and makes the process secure. Also consumers have no trouble paying for websites on-line. Händlers need successful payment solutions for credit cards that can boost their business opportunities faster and take less time to incorporate into the system.
  4. When you pay for the whole kit you do not have to pay any extra fees. Therefore, you do not have to pay any extra fees. You get low fees for your business with a business account facility.
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Secrets to Obtaining an Casino merchant account

The Casino merchant account Entertainment Industry is one of the most controversial industries but not completely illegal. Being such a controversial industry the businesses that deal in goods and services related to this industry are determined as high risk businesses. This business are mostly online and hence they feel the requirement to accept payment online via transactions from credit and debit cards, and for that the basic requirement is a merchant account that enables you to accept this online payments. This merchant related to the adult industry business are adult merchant accounts.
As the industry is categorized high the merchant account needed also is high risk and it is not an easy to get approved as regular banks and financial institutes do not readily provide high risk merchant accounts.
But, don’t you worry, we are here with some secrets which will help you in obtraining an adult merchant account for your adult business.
1) Keep Your Credits Clean
One of the first things that is checked for approval of Casino merchant account is your credit score, hence it is necessary to have a healthy credit score.
2) Have Savings in Your Bank Account
A healthy bank statement saving acts as a security for your business,
3) Be Ready To Pay
The fees for the processing of high risk merchant account are a bit higher than the normal and low risk ones.
4) Be Honest with your paperwork
Honesty works the best on service providers as well as customers.
5) Show legitimacy
The service providers might not be ready to accept your adult business for their services, hence it is necessary to prove yourself legit to them.
Keep above things and you are a few steps closer to having your adult merchant account.
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Casino merchant account : Turn Players Into Payers

With each passing day the online gaming market is gaining new heights and hence the expectations of the gamers have also risen with the growth in the market. The gamers are now aware of what to expect from this onl;ine gaming platform in order to win, and that in turn has led to the high necessity for the requirement of an efficient and smooth online gaming merchant account that is easy to operate and process on so that you can get the maximum out of this business,
Smoot experience from start to end on a platform becomes the point of attraction for most of the players. Hence, a decent payment gateway comes in handy for all the in game purchases.
As mentioned earlier the experience of a user becomes the point of attraction for majority. Hence, it is necessary to have a user friendly interface that guides the users to immerse with all the action that happens on the screen. This comes as secondary as the game also has to function smoothly with interruptions and lags. Both the steps are equally important as a smooth flowing game cannot interupter by a long and complicated process of payment for in-game purchase. You can even ask your to-be payment service provider to provide a one-click purchase availability for in-game purchases without interruptions while the game play and it should also not redirect the users to an external portal. It is important that you make sure that the payment gateway you use for this purpose is the best and provides best quality of usability.
With all the above requirements a following are some more things should also be taken into consideration.
1) Cybersecurity
2) Tech - savvy payment gateway.
3) Online Gaming Chargebacks
4) Card Frauds
5) Security and safety tools for fraud prevention.
6) Secure payment gateway.
Following are some things to look at before choosing the right online gaming merchant account provider.
a) The availability of helpline to guide your through regulatory payment challenges,
b) possibility of being able to accept payments through multiple cards from different card issuing companies.
c) Faster payment process,
d) Approval rate for high risk merchant accounts, as online gaming merchant account is categorized as high risk.
We at International Bank Services (IBS) are one of the best providers of online gaming and gambling merchant account. IBS also provides the best payment gateway services for your gaming business, with us you can expand the horizons of your business across borders.
There is often a misconception that the varieties of online merchant account services are only beneficial to online businesses which, in fact, is not true. Casino merchant accounts are widely applicable to the gambling industry too. Substantial levels of risk i.e. charge backs, refunds, frauds, etc. is also associated with Casino merchant accounts along with sizeable revenue options. The risky factor associated with Casino Merchant Account is the reason why most traditional financial institutions and banks offering merchant account services are hesitant to deal with casino e-merchants, as they consider such circumstances inappropriate.
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Online Casinos Merchant Account Take your Casino Business to New Heights

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Online Casinos Merchant Account

If you are a merchant dealing in Casinos and Online Gaming, then to secure and expand your business you need a secure way to accept e-payments, all in real-time from across the borders. Amald offers Online Casino merchant Accounts and provides services through which your online casino business will succeed and will result in increased profits.
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Advantages of Online Casino Merchant Account

Advantages of Online Casino Merchant Account
Online Casino Website has turned out as the most popular one. There are a number of people who avail online casino services. But every country has its own rule and regulation for the casino business. Merchants need to follow that regulation for getting the Merchant account.
Overview for Merchant Account
Online Merchant accounts offer a wide scope of chances for dealers that go from enormous deals volumes to immense benefits; anyway, this makes a web-based betting or gaming an extremely worthwhile business. With expanding deals and developing volumes of benefits, the business starts to confront issues of chargebacks, misrepresentation and so forth, which has imprinted the destiny of acquirers and budgetary foundations, who have marked online betting or gaming as a high-risk business.
Being classified as a high hazard business, finding a payment processor for betting or gaming vendors turns out to be practically outlandish. The online gambling club dealer account proprietors think that it’s difficult to get acknowledged for Online Casino Merchant Account by getting banks and other charge card processors in light of the fact that there is high money related risk included.
Here are a few sorts of business that will be ordered as a Casino Merchant Account

  • Casio and gaming
  • In-play betting
  • Lotteries
  • Online bingo or porker
Thus, in case that, you are an online casino or betting merchant searching for a protected and savvy payment service processor for your business, at that point Amald can help. Amald (India) has been in the matter of furnishing authorized betting or gaming shippers with secure merchant account benefits at the most reasonable cost for quite a while. With the collected understanding, we ensure our customers get the most ideal merchant account at all conceivable time.
What are the advantages of Casino Merchant Account?
With an online casino merchant account, gaming traders can increase numerous preferences. An online club/betting merchant account permit dealer’s full control of their business and its incomes. With no issue in regards to high volume deals, potential chargeback, discounts and misrepresentation, the online casino merchant account, holders can give their clients ideal administrations and services. Online gambling club merchant account empowers vendors with not only a similarly simpler interface for their clients yet additionally offer boundless advantages that include:

  • Assurance of secure transactions and payments.
  • Protection against Mastercard scam and online extortion with legitimate devices
  • Major Mastercard processing and payment stores
  • You can avail the savvy and real-time processing solution by payment processors
  • Saves your money and time.
  • With secure SSL encoded servers casino merchant accounts get additional insurance from extortion and online theft.
A casino merchant account can accelerate your revenue drastically. Not just you will have the option to profit by this sort of transaction yet additionally will your clients. They can appreciate the simplicity wherein they could put forth a buy with little attempt contrasted with years prior.
Be that as it may, getting one for high-risk business can be very troublesome, yet once you have discovered the one that you believe is dependable, you'll be stunned that solitary a simple procedure will be made and will take you about a short minute to finish the exchange. When it has been affirmed, you will before long be getting a message and guidance on the best way to place into activity your new merchant account and how to join your present business operations.
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Online Casino Merchant Account for higher business possibilities

Online Casino Merchant Account for higher business possibilities
Amald gets you the smooth and adaptable payment transaction for your business and enduremerchants regardless of its size and volume. It underpins well to club traders by giving smooth and adaptable payment transactions so they can give higher exponential development. These kinds of organizations bargains in giving gaming and betting administrations to clients. It has been the most established type of amusement that would relate the business. The gambling club is the most mainstream and generally perceived product that individuals have for some time been playing to. It has unquestionably changed from customary to increasingly detailed and advantageous one. The gambling club business has developed from customary to increasingly detailed and advantageous one. There is more freedom to individuals with web based betting since each other individual has an online nearness these days. Henceforth, thus, the gambling club business is developing and making gigantic advantages. Organizations need to have their own gambling club site. Online Casino Merchant Account can give you the gambling club account answers for traders all around.
The online club has risen up out of the developing interest of the individuals for gaming and betting. In spite of the fact that the business has nearly indistinguishable standards from the conventional business. There is only one distinction that is you can make an online installment for gambling clubs. From online business, you can have the option to explicitly target and gain a ton of cash. Amateur and different experts who have significant involvement with Casino can likewise effectively focus from various nations. The business is viewed as profoundly dependable and gainful.
Higher advantages with Online Casino Merchant Account
  1. One of the fundamental highlights is different money factors. It will permit you to have numerous monetary standards to fall in for your business account. It will likewise permit you to have a high volume of offers.
  2. Dealers account adds more noteworthy usefulness to your business. First is it better incorporates you're your business application and makes the whole framework smooth and adaptable. A superior incorporated framework would permit you to make smooth installment exchanges. Shippers don't require a wasteful framework that makes the whole framework complex; they require a framework that makes the procedure simple and certain. Indeed, even clients don't confront any trouble in making installment to online sites. Dealers do require effective charge card handling arrangement that can all the more likely improve the business prospects and sets aside less effort to coordinate inside your framework.
  3. A productive installment entryway will give your business a high volume of offers to your business. You can all the more likely enhance your business with such huge numbers of extra highlights succumbing to your business account. There are different highlights, for example, security concerns, insurance structure information break which a vendor will respect and you need not stress over these worries with Best Reliable Online Casino Merchant Account. A shipper record will assist you with developing your business quicker and it truly has a tremendous effect with it. 4. You don't need to pay any extra charges once you have paid for the whole bundle. Thus you are not required to pay any extra charges. With dealer account office you will get low chargebacks bringing about for your business.
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Casino Merchant Account in UK by Radiant Pay

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Need to Choose Casino Merchant Account

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Online Casinos Merchant Account | Merchant Service | Payment Gateway

Online Casinos Merchant Account | Merchant Service | Payment Gateway
Online Casinos Merchant Account – ePay Global provides online payment gateway solution like eCheck, ACH, credit card processing services for all Industries.
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Get a successful business on Online Casinos Merchant Account at ePay Global

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Casino Merchant Account

IBS provides greatest Casino Merchant Account services. Secured with a verifiable merchant account for online casino business deal is possible with International Bank Services.
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Introduction To High Risk Merchant Account.

The growth of the business depends highly on the risk involved in the business. But, on the contrary some of the business are born risky, and these type of business end up facing a lot of trouble from the financial institutes and banks.
A merchant account that comes in handy to process online transactions through debit and credit card for such high risk businesses is called a high risk merchant account. These high risk merchant accounts are a bit expensive than the other merchant account, but they surely offer quality for money services.
The local and traditional banks and financial institutions stay away from getting involved with such high risk merchant accounts, that is where reputed merchant service providers step in and offer amazing services of high risk merchant account for your high risk business.
Why Choose IBS for Opening High Risk Merchant Account?
If you are merchant who owns a high risk business, by now you must have enquired about various merchant account service providers, and must have been finding is very difficult to obtain a good high risk merchant account. We at International Bank Services (IBS) are here with our best services for you. We are associated with a huge number of offshore banks and payment processors that are ever ready to offer stable and secure high risk merchant services for you high risk business. IBS tries our best to offer the best services for every kind of High Risk Business.
Here are some of the many features and services IBS offers your high risk business.
1) 24/7 expert guidance from the best trained professionals.
2) IBS accepts the businesses rejected by other institutes for being risky.
3) High Approval Rate.
4) Comparatively Faster Approval Process.
5) Account Set Up process is also faster.
6) Highly Secure Payment Gateway.
Why Businesses Are Considered High Risk and Which Are The Main High Risk Businesses?
Even if your business does not belong to any of the high risk business industry, there is a possibility that your business may be categorized as high risk business if your business is applicable to any of the below mentioned conditions.
a) Your business may be categorized as high risk business if yours is a new start up or a business in a newly established market and this type of businsses find it very difficult to establish credit card processing and merchant account for their business.
b) If your business involves high chargebacks, most of the businesses are considered high risk because of their high chargeback rates.
c) It does not matter what type of business you own, if have low credit score your business is definitely going to be categorized high risk business. Low Credit is the red flag for many financial institutes and banks.
d) If your business has faced the termination of merchant account from earlier merchant service provider.
e) No credit card processing history.
Also following are some of the many business industries that are considered for high risk merchant account.
Online Gaming Merchant Account Dating Merchant Account Gambling Merchant Account CBD Merchant Account Casino Merchant Account MOTO Merchant Account Bitcoin Merchant Account Cryptocurrency Merchant Account E-Commerce Merchanr Account
Advantages Of High Risk Merchant Account?
Owning a high risk merchant account comes with a various benefits.
1) Lesser limitations compared to other merchant accounts.
2) High Sales Volumes can be processed at launch events and other sales events.
3) Wide range in variety of products and services can be provided.
4) High Risk Merchant Accounts is applicable across international borders,
5) Recurring Payments are offered.
Some FAQs
Q: Why are high risk processing fees so high?
A: The most basic reason for high processing is that involvement of high risk in the merchants business.
Q: Why is my business classified as High Risk?
A: Your business is considered high risk because it may be a new business or you must be having a high chargeback and various other reasons.
Q: When are merchants considered high risk?
A: Merchants are considered as high risk depending upon the type of product or services the merchant provides.
Q: Why is business with poor previous record considered high risk?
A: A weak previous record shows a high risk to processors as there are possibilities of merchant defaulting and being unable to cover chargebacks and refunds.
So click on the link available of the website and get your high risk merchant account set up and approved with IBS.
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Looking back on a year of Nano development - Presented by NanoLinks

I think this list speaks for itself. Thank you for this year Nano community and see you in 2021 for even more fun! We are only getting started 🚀

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$BFT (FoleyTrasimene II), SPAC to become Paysafe

I think that this one has been under-reported somewhat but since I work in the online gaming industry, it showed up on my radar.
This SPAC has reached a deal to bring back Paysafe to the market, at a valuation of 9 billions.
What is Paysafe?
Paysafe Group has been consolidating the market for e-wallets and alternative payment methods for years and went back into private hands 3 years ago.
They regroup all the main e-wallets used for online gambling and Forex: Skrill and Neteller and also prepaid cards (to be bought in 7/11 and the like) under the Paysafe brand.
Why e-wallets matter in the online gambling market?
E-wallets and prepaid cards represent about 25% of the volume of payments in online gambling in UK, Europe, Canada and Skrill/NetellePaysafe are by far the biggest names in this field.
Neteller and Moneybookers (as Skrill was known then) were dominating the US alternative payment methods gambling market in the US before they got pushed out in 2007. They still have high name recognition amongst the gambling crowd and web searches in the US for these brands remain high, even if they can’t process much transactions there for gambling since many states don’t have online gambling legislations yet, or very limiting ones.
E-Wallets are often the preferred payment method for gamblers since it allows to move money from one operator site to the other quickly and cheaply. They can also use it as a bankroll segregated from their main bank account/CC and on top of that, Paysafe offers loyalty benefits to users based on their transaction volumes. As such, their user retention is very good.
The prepaid card business is also a major factor for this stock attractiveness. Prepaid cards to be bought in gas stations or the like are often preferred by gamblers who want to strictly control their gambling or those who don’t have access to a CC (maybe because they gambled too much) or those that prefer cash transactions out of privacy concerns…
Why not invest in the gambling operators instead?
Operators such as Draftkings or legacy casino groups are going to make money but the regulatory environment is harsh and gambling taxes are crazy in some states and might keep going higher.
Moreover, the regulations being so fragmented, many smaller operators push in certain states and not others and the competitive environment is broad. Remember that gambling is a fungible good. There is no difference in the casino games that the operators can offer (same game studios, same rules) and aside from bonuses and the margins on sports bets, the only differentiation is in branding, which is a thin moat on a product that often leaves the users disgruntled (losers).
Payments on the other hand are not taxed for their relationship to gambling and there are far fewer players.
How does Paysafe make money?
The margins on their products are pretty high and Paysafe charges both sides of the transaction in the case of the e-wallets and the merchant side in the case of the prepaid cards.
For the use of Skrill and Neteller wallets, Paysafe charges on average 4.5% on the merchant side for deposits and a whooping 9.9% on deposits with prepaid cards… Larger merchants certainly can negotiate these rates down but this is still a healthy fee, much higher than credit card processors.
In markets where Paysafe has established domination they charge a small deposit fee to the user and a withdrawal fee.
For now, they charge no fees to the US users in a bid to grow market share surely but that will probably end some day.
Growth opportunity:
For now, the US online gambling market is still very limited. Most states have not legalized, the majority of those who have legalized only did so for sports betting and then a handful have legalized online casino gaming (where the real money is made). The opening up of the market is bound to grow as states need money and more of the world moves online.
It is estimated that the online gaming market could reach 25 billions a year in the US in a few years time and 150 billions worldwide.,CAGR%20during%20the%20forecast%20period.
These revenues do not equal to deposited amounts, they equal net deposits (deposits minus withdrawals). The hold % of online casinos can be anywhere between 50% and 80% depending on how degenerate the market is in a given country but we can conservatively assume 60%.
This means that deposits volume in the US alone would reach about 40 billions, Europe about 50 Billions and worldwide 250 billions.
That should give Paysafe around 8-10 billions in transaction volume per year in the US alone , another 10-12 billions in Europe and conservatively, another 20 billions worldwide.
Valuation estimates:
Rough estimates are therefore revenues of about 1.5 billions per year for Paysafe group in a few years for gambling alone.
Paysafe claims 1.5 billions in revenues total projected for 2021, with only a third from gambling.
Even assuming no growth from the other verticals, this means that the total revenues of Paysafe should grow by 66% with gambling alone in the next 5 years or so.
Pysafe is investing a lot into expansion in other areas than gambling, notably video-gaming and remittance so assuming they don’t fuck it up completely, we are likely to see a 3 billions dollar in revenues in the next 5 years.
Using Paypal’s marketcap vs revenues, that would mean 50 billions in marketcap for Paysafe… Of course, Paypal is ingrained deeply in the whole of ecommerce and Paysafe is more specialized in gambling which might be shakier and herefore command a lower valuation.
The deal details are not fully known but it looks like a current valuation of 9 billions for Paysafe Group upon listing.
Based on my estimates, the marketcap could reach 50 billions in a few years time, one US market for gambling fully opens.
$BFT is trading at a 25% premium right now, therefore the estimate is 4x on investment over a few years.
Obviously you retards are not the most patient bunch but I believe the stock will jump when it morphs and so keep an eye out for the options.
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Preposterous customer service experience & words of warning

This is an experience regarding a credit card transaction dispute. There are a few generally useful insights here, discovered amidst my personal experience. I'll note them in bold.
I deposited $200 to an account for use in an online poker casino (the merchant), in late April.
On June 24th, the merchant notified me that Chase had charged back my $200 deposit, and as a result the merchant would be locking me out of my account. I'll keep the merchant side of the story short as it's equally preposterous, and just say that it was revealed that Chase had not conducted any such chargeback, nor had the merchant offered up any evidence that one was conducted. The merchant in fact had stolen $200 from me; maybe because they know how Chase operates and figured they'd get away with it (they did).
During my second call with Chase in August (the first being in July to verify that no chargeback had occurred), I had a seemingly harmless discussion with Tier I customer service, wherein we discussed whether I should continue trying to work with the merchant to get evidence of the transaction or lack thereof (how do you get evidence of a transaction not occurring?) During this discussion I apparently made two grave mistakes: 1) I assumed that the rep was not going to make any significant or destructive changes to the status of my dispute without clearing explaining the repercussions of such changes; and 3) I assumed I didn't need my lawyer on the phone to talk to my own f'ing bank.
What I later found out in September when I called again, was that the rep on the August call had marked my dispute "resolved", even though we spent the entire time talking about how the merchant was not providing any evidence nor being timely in their (useless) responses. I don't know why she marked it resolved. I don't know whether I passively agreed to it because I didn't know the repercussions, or whether I just said "ok" in the midst of her mumbling a bunch of words, but clearly, there had been no resolution at that time and the rep was aware that I was still pursuing the issue and still needed Chase to be involved. The only reason I wasn't pushing Chase to move forward was because I was being told I should continue to try to work with the merchant (the merchant who knowingly stole from me).
The TL;DR of this is that I did what Chase suggested in order to be as helpful to the dispute process as possible, and in doing so, lost my dispute right then and there. How? Because Chase will only field a dispute within 118 days of the transaction -- and Chase chose to mark the dispute resolved at roughly 110 days in. They did this while I was in the middle of helping them gather evidence for the dispute, and without informing me that as a result I would only have a few days left to file a "new" dispute of the same exact nature. So of course, not knowing the dispute was marked resolved nor that I had a limited window to file a new dispute, I continued on contacting the merchant under the illusion that I was gathering support for my/Chase's case.
To be clear on the timeline: - My initial transaction: Late April - "Ghost" chargeback transaction: late June or sometime prior (merchant never disclosed a date) - My initial dispute filing regarding the ghost chargeback: early July - My follow-up: Mid August - My subsequent follow-up: Early September
That last line item -- my September follow-up call to Chase after having gathered nothing but wild diversions from the merchant -- turned out to be useless because unbeknownst to me, the dispute was "resolved" in August and I was now outside the dispute window, so everything was over. But again... I didn't know that yet.
I called up and got another Tier I rep, who at first had trouble understanding why this transaction could even be disputed -- she believed that since I paid money and got access to poker games, services had been rendered. I assume Redditors are intelligent enough to understand why this isn't true, but happy to explain in the comments if there's any doubt. Short version is that $200 was deposited as a means of having a bankroll, i.e. the digital version of having your wallet with you when you walk into a real casino. Your wallet isn't the casino's money. The "services" rendered by depositing any amount of money into an online casino bankroll is perpetual access to that money, either for use in playing their games or for use in withdrawing because you're done playing. It's just another bank account.
Anyway: the rep also mentioned the whole "this dispute was resolved" angle during my explanation of the services, which sounded odd but as part of the overall frustration, just led me to think I need to talk to another rep or a supervisor who better understands these factors. That's when I was transferred to Jessica, a supervisor.
Jessica proceeded to tell me, with robotic resolve and a splash of snark, that the actual problem was that I was pursuing a dispute that no longer existed, per the user agreement I should have memorized and been able to successfully apply knowledge of on the fly during my customer service calls (i.e., I should've had a lawyer on the phone for all these calls. This is what lawyers get paid to do, not customers). When I challenged her and said "I never agreed to resolve the dispute in August", she read me the "notes" of the August call, which simply said that the dispute had been marked resolved. That's it.
I then asked Jessica to get the transcript of the customer service call in question. This is apparently a request that a) cannot be handled in real-time, b) does not suffice as a challenge to the dispute's current status, c) does not come with any form of reference/tracking # for the customer and cannot be inquired about, d) does not have a timeline or available follow-up date, and e) does not deliver any documented outcome to the customer, unless Chase sees fit to follow up after having reviewed the transcript.
The icing on the cake, which is important considering how obvious it now is to me that you need a lawyer whenever you talk to Chase, is that I just received a notice dated Sept 10th stating that the dispute was resolved because services were rendered. Again, and paraphrasing, I was told:
"The dispute was resolved in August (no reason given), and now the transaction is outside the 118-day window and cannot be disputed".
I received:
"The dispute was just resolved now after your September call, wherein we had told you the dispute was resolved in August. Furthermore, it was resolved for a reason other than the one we told you."
Thanks for reading, and get a lawyer.
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D100 ordinary businesses that could be used for nefarious proposes

  1. Morgue (cover up murders)
  2. Waste Management (dispose bodies)
  3. Gambling Hall (underground fight ring)
  4. Orphanage (child labor)
  5. Restaurant (plant slow working poison)
  6. gentleman's club (No explanation required) u/SirMuffinsworth
  7. Prison (Organ harvesting and market/human experimentation)
  8. Library (Drug smuggling in hollowed-out books)
  9. Butcher Shop (dispose of dead bodies) u/PutridMeatPuppet
  10. Pawn shop (fence stolen goods)
  11. Pharmacy (drug dealing)
  12. Used car lot (sell stolen cars)
  13. Auto body shop (chop shop for stolen cars)
  14. Jewelers (remake/ set stolen gems, jewelry)
  15. Casino (money laundering)
  16. Trucking company (smuggling)
  17. Pawn shop - weapons dealing u/PizzaTimeBodySlam
  18. Used car lot - body disposal / weapon storage / drug warehouse
  19. Pet store (exotic trade and breading mills) u/ciscowizneski
  20. Gym (militia training)
  21. Pig farm: Dispose of dead bodies (pigs aren't picky) u/Moon_Dew
  22. Construction company: Dispose of bodies by burying them in concrete foundations or hiding them in walls. Also great if you need to fit someone for a pair of cement shoes.
  23. Import/Export business: Art smuggling, drug running, gun running, and human trafficking.
  24. Night club: Provides a legitimate front while you do under-the-table type business in the backrooms or the VIP suite. Also a great place to field test the next new drug craze.
  25. Apartments: Slum lord.
  26. Warehouse: Gotta have a place to do your backroom deals.
  27. Funeral parlor: Smuggle drugs and money in caskets and/or corpses.
  28. Bank: Gotta have a nice safe place to keep your ill-gotten gains until you can launder it, or wire it to your accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.
  29. Air charter service: Smuggling of all sorts, not to mention a great way to escape to a non-extradition country if your illegitimate business gets exposed.
  30. Undertaker collecting bodies for a necromancer u/B_smuth
  31. A traveling salesman, perhaps run by a species that is stereotypically considered less intelligent, as a cover for money laundering and transfesale of stolen goods. u/NeoMegaRyuMKII
  32. Fat rendering plant which utilizes the awful smell to cover up the smells of the synthesis of drugs and other nefarious chemicals. u/BardBathBeyond
    1. Lye is commonly used in the making of soap, and it would also be useful for disposing of corpses and making explosives.
  33. Carnival that takes children. (Something wicked this way comes is dope)
  34. Amusement park that performs horrific experiments on people. The screams are covered up by the sounds of those riding roller coasters, and it provides opportunities to snatch people from big crowds.
  35. Travelling salesman/touring musician as a cover for a hitman/serial killer- gives rhyme and reason for them to move all over the country and makes them hard to connect to disappearances as it is rare for cross-state municipalities to cooperate with each other at least until the Feds are involved.
  36. Nannies/maid servants etc - spy on affluent families u/Novemcinctus
  37. Politicians/lawyers - promote & legislate a nefarious agenda
  38. Militia/police precinct/military unit- harbor & train terrorists
  39. Graphic design/artist/bard - launder money by providing service instead of physical goods
  40. Butchefood service etc - poison or contaminate food stocks
  41. Security agency (front for a protection racket) u/CorenNayturus
  42. Bank (front for money laundering or loan sharks)
  43. Tavern (hideout/black market services/illicit information trading)
  44. Weapons store (front for illegal arms dealing)
  45. Laundromat (money laundering, just for the pun)
  46. Pharmacy (front for drug dealing)
  47. Farm (dispose of dead bodies by feeding to pigs/bury in cornfield)
  48. Canned meat factory (dispose of bodies by selling as canned meat)
  49. Hospital (illegal organ harvesting/selling; also a place to fix up injured goons in case of a turf war)
  50. Mental institution/insane asylum (hide kidnapping victims in plain sight/organ harvesting)
  51. School - Smuggling drugs, having criminal meetings at night on the classrooms u/MatgamarraAlt3
  52. Isolated Monasteries - Criminals could operate with much freedom if they were able to take control, and even enslave or kill the monks
  53. Merchant Ships - Could easily be turned into slave-labored factories, human and animal trafficking, drug and weapons smuggling, body disposal
  54. Zoo for extraordinary creatures (magical experimentation to create monsters) u/GrassyPond
  55. Pawn Shop (filled with mimics/cursed items)
  56. Flower Merchant (a hag selling lilies that create Shambling Mounds)
  57. Bakery or forge (evidence disposal by incineration) u/Toradale
  58. Adventurer's Guild (they create or protect monster nests and occasionally send civilians or rookie adventurers to their doom as food in order to stay in business and increase demand for their work) u/Jawzper
  59. Tailor: Drug Smuggling (drugs are soaked into the clothes) u/SlayAllRebels
  60. Taxidermist: Human Trafficking (people are hidden inside larger animals)
  61. Butcher Shop: Front for a cannibal cult (people are chopped up and their meat sold)
  62. Florist: Front for an assassin's guild (hits are made by ordering a very specific bouquet directed towards the target)
  63. Manure sales/cattle farm (explosives) u/Tenyearsuntiltheend
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Server Name- Miners Merchants Pirates Legacy’s Trading PvP -
Slots-20 Players Planets- Earth, Pertam, Mars
Game Settings- Initial playeFaction PCU-160,000 Progression/Research-Off Auto Healing-On Auto Save-Every 5 Minutes Cargo Ships-On Drones-On Encounters-Off Thruster Damage-On Ingame Scripts-On Spiders-On Wolves-On Environment Hostility-Safe Grinder Speed Multiplier-x2 Welder Speed Multiplier-x2 Inventory Size Multiplier-x10 Refinery Speed Multiplier-x10 Assembler Speed Multiplier-x10
-Game information
If you want to create an Empire, Be a Merchant or Miner and focus your lively hood around that this is the server for you, Or even a Pirate to take what ever you want.
Trading personal interactions and PvP are the main focus.
Brand new discord out for the server, not mandatory but if interested feel free to join. Your able to earn credits on the discord server, either by working or committing crimes, can even rob other players. Casino to bet your credits away. Your even able to cash in your credits you've made on server to you in game account
Discord —
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amx, chargebacks, and online casinos looking for any advice

I am an authorized user on an American Express card and I like 6 months ago I was kicked off of that primary card holders plan I believe for too many disputes at least that's what I was thinking or told, and to let you know i had about 10, anyway there was a letter sent to the primary user which didn't make much sense to me, and I have might post it another time but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with having a charge backs to a online casino and if so how did that work out ? do you know if when American Express investigates what does that eail and maybe saying i dont recognize that charge is not the right answer, I mean in this case,
I did not know but I had confronted the user who made the unauthorized transactions, when they see the card number they could see the name of who created a profile, and I would never want to harm that person in anyway or get them in any kind of mess or legal situation , or any one including myself, i know that they have their own addiction problems with gambling online, I know that it's considered an enabling because i cant help them and I dont deliver on the consequences I put out there to make this stop and maybe I need to go to an ALANON to to figure that part out but that's a different story
So back to getting on track what I'm asking is if anybody knows how American Express
when they do their investigation, what is the protocol
it is kind of under the rug and i absolutely do not want to get that person in any kind of trouble and I would also not want to get my account turned off but I would want that credited back this is a revolving account so , at the next cycle it will refresh, but i dont think that should matter. I dont know what kind of restrictions will American Express have with me I already started to create a new issue when I found out I was really upset and started this process of disputes,
wanted to create a fraud claim when I discovered it last weekend, and so I backed out of the dispute though several transactions are the same merchant, i see a few did go through as disputed.AND in general does anyone know or have a resource , what do casinos do once they get the charge back? Thank you all very much
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Countering the Pro Credit Card Propaganda

Warning: Rant below. I felt the need to vent after seeing another pro-credit card hot take.
If you have been around this subreddit for any amount of time you will often come across people explaining how they are very financially savvy and recommend getting a credit card for a number of seemingly great reasons. I would argue that this is a really irresponsible, because it is just not true.
Credit cards are nowhere near as great as they are touted to be, in any category. And this misrepresentation of them causes real world damage to financially vulnerable people and families everyday.

"Credit cards help build your credit score!"
This is not a valid reason to get a credit card. In New Zealand the only credit score that matters is a bad one. There is no need to have had previous loans to secure lending, especially when getting a home loan. If you show good financial habits with your account logs, and you have the necessary income and deposit you will get approved. In fact, just having a credit card can greatly reduce the amount they will lend you, even if you have a zero balance, because you have an open line of credit.

I am protected from fraud, and insured when I go overseas!
Any debit card has the exact same fraud protection, and when you do go overseas, travel insurance is easy to purchase and often a one click purchase when buying a plane ticket. It is not expensive at all.

The points! I get so many points! If I didn't have my card I would never have been bought XYZ
No matter how hard the banks try to convince you, your reward points are nowhere near equal to cash. Reward points can expire. Reward points are not legal currency. Reward points can only be spent at certain merchants, which are high margin and more expensive than other merchants which are not entered into a reward affiliation. Reward points cannot be used to pay many bills such as your rent or mortgage.

But if I spend X amount I will break even and get free points!
Reward points are most certainly NOT FREE.
In order to maintain a points yielding credit card you must pay fees. The more points you earn per dollar you spend, the higher the fee. This means that all things being equal, you will ALWAYS be down in cash equal to at least the credit card fee if nothing else. Even if you 'break even' and spent 100 bucks on the fee, and made 100 dollars in points, you are zero REAL dollars better off, you have exchanged $100 for 100 points of limited utility.
You cannot invest points in stocks, or put it in your Kiwisaver. You can't use them to help with your house deposit. You can't even spend it wherever you want.
You should really think of points like, someone getting you a gift card for Christmas. Everybody knows that cash is superior than an equivalent value gift card, but the damn gift card companies have made grandma think that cash is not as loving as a gift card.

The other thing to remember is you are not only paying for the card annually, you pay per transaction.
But not everywhere charges a surcharge! I only use my card when there is no extra surcharge!
You might not always be aware of it, but you actually still pay to use the card. Have a look at Noel Leeming vs PB tech. Noel Leeming charges no extra to use a credit card, so I guess it doesn't cost you any money to get your points? Wrong. Noel Leeming pays the credit card service charge, but they pass it to you in the price of the product because they have beefier margins than the cheaper places to buy identical products. If you are not familiar with, get familiar real quick before you buy another item at Noels, JB or Harvey Norman.
PB Tech charges a service charge for credit cards payments directly, and you will notice if you take two items at their listed price PB will be lower than Noel Leeming, 9 times out of 10. Right now Google Nest mini for example, $85.43 at PB and 89.99 at Noel Leeming. That is a 5% difference in price, and that's how your credit card surcharge is hidden.
I know there are die hard credit card users out there. You truly believe you have cracked it. That the banker goes home every night and complains to her husband about how badly you owned them today. "If they could just miss one payment!" she pleads "then we might make some damn money out of them!".
The system is not setup that way, the bank will always profit in the end, they do their best to hide that from you so you think you are winning. They are smarter than you, they are like casinos in that regard. You can't beat statistics.
In any case, all I would ask is please stop being an unpaid credit card advocate. It is no skin off your nose. You don't get a commission, or a kick back. It doesn't get you a better price or into heaven the more people you convert. And you most certainly aren't helping others with pro credit card advice.
To "win" with a credit card takes a lot of things going right, and realistically a good amount of cognitive work.
For every person that "does well" with a credit card, there are many people that are completely ruined financially due to their monthly credit card bill. Some of those people would have gotten their first credit card because they have heard anecdotes from people about the free points, the great rewards. They remembered hearing about the awesome credit building power that a credit card unlocks. Even if you think that is true for yourself, I think we can all agree that people who aren't very financially aware will more than likely get no benefit from a card, and in some cases be much worse off because of it.
TLDR: Please don't contribute to someone else's decision to get a credit card. Please enjoy your 'very valuable' points in private and don't recommended highly dangerous financial products to people when you don't know anything about their financial circumstance or ability.
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D100(or more)Non-Violent Quests

Hey, so my old account got compromised and due to some issues I couldn’t fix it. So I’m reposting from where I left off. Feel free to suggest more than 100 since we were nearly there anyway.
  1. Convince a loan shark to forgive a mans debt
  2. Helping a poor lad win a race so that he can win the heart of his crush.
  3. Babysit for a friendly fey power-couple whose magically-gifted children love playing games like "the floor is made of lava," "don't let the balloon touch the ground," and "freeze tag."
  4. Light all the sacred shrine lanterns along a deserted mountain trail.
  5. Investigate the site of a meteor crash in the deep woods.
  6. Track down a cow that broke free from the herd and return it to the farmer (alive)
  7. convince someones child not to become a soldie adventurer.
  8. Convince someone's parents that they should allow their child to be a soldier or adventurer.
  9. Take a lesson from a BARD and make a performance.
  10. Use your spells to aide in a Play or performance.
  11. Look into strange happenings around town. (It's just restless kids/ teens playing pranks)
  12. Take some food/ supplies to the orphanage outside of town.
  13. Help gather food for the upcoming celebratory feast (fruit from the orchard, grain or vegetables from the fields, herbs and mushrooms from the forest, etc. Choose what makes most sense in your setting)
  14. Harvest honey from a certain beehive with the sweetest honey. The bees there are notoriously ornery.
  15. Gather rare medicinal herbs to help the local healer brew a salve for Little Timmy who's sick.
  16. The town's blacksmith has broken his arm. Figure out a way to keep the town supplied until he's back on his feet.
  17. An NPC's party is a total snooze fest. Liven it up. Let your players interpret that as they wish...
  18. Negotiate with the local kobold tribe over mining rights and dues.
  19. Spy on the populace for a local lord, to find the insurrectionists.
  20. Convince a proud weapon smith to make plow shares, instead of his legendary blades. (The blades end up sentient and cursed after so many battles.)
  21. Infiltrate a thieves guild, to unmask the new “Puppet Master.”
  22. Rebuild a home destroyed by bandits
  23. Help a local cleric move a sofa
  24. Re-light a signal fire on top of a mountain
  25. Participate in a talent show
  26. Challenge the village bullies to a game of basketball
  27. Deliver secret letters for two star crossed lovers from rival houses.
  28. Solve the murder mystery.
  29. Find the elven queen and get magical soil and seeds to heal the recently cleaned blighted forest.
  30. Win a tournament of carnival games.
  31. Win a pokecard/dice tournament.
  32. Deliver a love letter.
  33. Take a group to the school prom.
  34. Fix up a bunch of broken items in the shopkeeper’s place.
  35. Be a member of the jury for a very grey case
  36. Set up trade agreements between competing guilds to help alleviate the amount of sabotage in the business.
  37. Train a group of guards in how to anticipate the often unpredictable actions of adventurers.
  38. Host a support group for "I think my child might be turning evil"
  39. Resolve a miner’s strike for the local magistrate.
  40. Save a servant’s job by finding the missing silver and prove she didn’t pilfer it.
  41. Raise funds from the tight-fisted local aristocracy to build an orphanage for the children orphaned by the recent war, to which the local aristocracy was heavily called upon to financially support by the Baron/Duchess/Queen, etc.
  42. Perform a puppet show for the children of a fey court to keep them entertained and out of mischief while their parents/guardians attend court.
  43. Collect living magical beasts for the local Countess’s Mystical Menagerie.
  44. Take the Baroness’s teenage son on a “heroic adventure” as he is enamored with adventurers and longs for an epic quest, but is socially awkward, bad with weapons, clumsy, and so far unable to learn even cantrips. They are forbidden from placing him in front of any real threat. Do they put on a completely faux adventure or attempt to build his confidence and teach him skills?
  45. Prove the innocence of a man accused of theft of a noble's jewels
  46. Find a way to repair a large windmill that helps drive the town
  47. Put on a play for a group of orphans after the local actor troupe quit
  48. Interview witnesses of a possible murder
  49. Interview applicants for the job of henchman
  50. Get alchemical supplies for healing potions to a remote town dealing with a disease outbreak
  51. Deal with a noble's son bullying and throwing his weight around
  52. Plan security for a festival. They have to be careful, too tight and it's no fun. Too loose, and it can get out of hand. Include different areas where things can go wrong (party boats, shooting range, stuff for kids in the morning).
  53. A local orphanage is going to be shut down. The only way to keep it open is to win the cash prize at the local talent show/battle of the bands.
  54. A series of combat fake-outs where a siege turns out to be a festival, but the party needs to convince them to clear a path from the front gate. Then some marauders attack but it turns out they're just larping, but they are still bothering travelers, etc.
  55. Help Catsy Cline the tabaxi farmer do chores around her farm with lots of unusual creatures.
  56. Help a group of mourners put on a funeral. You'll need to play music and cater food.
  57. Try to beat the Fairy Godfather at a casino game to win a magic item.
  58. A woman's flock of prize chickens were spooked away by last night's storm. They look to be a different breed than most other chickens in the area. Help her round them up safe and sound and she'll give you a warm meal and a small reward.
  59. A young boy asks for help to find his runaway family dog. He gives you a shabby old blanket covered in fur and tells you it was her favorite. Under the smudges of mud and dead leaves, you notice finely embroidered clothes that suggest that he comes from a wealthy family.
  60. A performer who was supposed to make an appearance at the tavern the party is staying at hasn't shown up yet. Either find them or stall for time so the crowd doesn't get bored!
  61. A house party in the city has been getting lots of noise complaints. Break it up and send the drunk guests home.
  62. A little girl's direcat got stuck in a tree.
  63. A wizard's familiar is going on strike. Apparently it doesn't like dying so much.
  64. Find a very small lost item.
  65. Be bodyguards for someone who just wants them for the prestige. They are incredibly irritating but under no threat of violence.
  66. Retrieve a blink dog or semi intangible animal.
  67. Write a diplomatic letter for an inept ruler to prevent disaster.
  68. Help out local farmers before the first frost rolls in.
  69. Babysit a powerfully magical infant.
  70. Rescue a cat from a giant magical tree (its near the top)
  71. Find and bring back a child lost in a maze (the maze changes and uses illusions)
  72. Fill in for some performers who are unavailable (sick, hurt, left). Could be a play, stunts, music, etc. (lots of role playing, write an outline of challenges they'll encounter during it)
  73. Help someone find a loophole in a contact with a demon / fey
  74. Gather rare ingredients for a particular perfume, poison, or potion for an alchemist.
  75. Help the local blacksmith with their next armor piece.
  76. Baby sit a bunch of old time adventures with dementia. Their class abilities are still intact, they're just senile.
  77. Someone seeks help in solving a magical puzzle box they inherited from a family member.
  78. Plant some false information, either by rumour, or in letter form. Make sure the correct people learn this information. Bonuses for making them believe it comes from an enemy of theirs, not the player, and is supposed to be secret.
  79. Help a local chef win a cook off by gathering his necessary exotic ingredients (marketplace, dark market, going and getting them yourself from the wilderness)
  80. Go with a dragon studies professor to study a dragon's habits.
  81. A changling has a sword pulled on them by their friends after telling them they're a changling.
  82. Declog a sewer pipe in the sewers beneath the city. There is a homeless werebeaver living there that is unknowingly building a dam, causing the blockage, during full moons.
  83. Track down a cowardly sentient ooze with a magic item.
  84. Win a poetry competition in a cave of intelligent pacifist orcs
  85. Help a lone forest dweller unblock the mountain path from storm debris
  86. Help an astral dragon return to its home plane.
  87. Help with rebuilding an intricate shrine so the settlement it's built around can receive the blessing of its god(s) once more. Proper reconstruction probably requires it to be partly made of rare materials using exotic techniques.
  88. Help the festival planners in preventing an important festival competition/election/nomination from being rigged.
  89. Accompany a famous explorer(s) as they seek to catalog new sights with the aid of 'fresh yet experienced perspectives'.
  90. Rescue a merchant caravan trapped in a stormy mountain pass.
  91. Tutor a newborn demigodlike being in mortal matters, so that it can blend in with the mortal family it is raised with.
  92. Help the local government investigate and assess candidates for an office of high esteem, requiring specific traits e.g. unwavering loyalty, honesty, a propensity for pragmatism, etc.
  93. Bring a renowned artist to somewhere they've never been so they can become inspired once more.
  94. One of the locals owns a hyperactive blink dog as a pet. Recently they hurt their leg so need someone to take it for a walk. WCGW.
  95. Recover several missing sandbags and get them to the town before the coming storm.
  96. Be lab rats for a potion maker
  97. Cooking contest
  98. Help out with a concert by a traveling bard by doing behind the scenes stuff
  99. Be actors in a play
  100. Help extinguish a large fire
  101. Give a lecture on adventuring to some students
  102. Find a way to open a mysterious old door that's been locked for centuries.
  103. Retrieve a bunch of magical animals for a wizard
  104. Broker a peace treaty between two warring kingdoms.
  105. Help a lost child find their parents.
  106. Rehabilitate a criminal seeking redemption back into society.
  107. Fix the town's well
  108. Mend the relationship of two old friends who were partners in a vital business to the village
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Paypal Isn't Reliable - Get Yourself A Merchant Account ... Gambling Merchant Accounts - YouTube Melio - Payment flow Gaming, Gambling, Casino, and Sportsbook Merchant Account ... - YouTube High Risk Credit Card Processing Made Simple ... Bot Owners Tried to Shut Me Up - YouTube Winning the Chargeback Slashing Bet

With a respected and experienced online merchant accounts solutions company such as iPayTotal, your online gambling merchant account will receive an in-built, state-of-the-art anti-fraud system in which any suspicious activity can be tracked immediately and in real time. — This gives your online casino business the ability to focus on other aspects of your business such as graphics and ... Gaming Merchant Account is used for all types of online gambling and gaming business. Including for games in casinos (casino), poker (poker), bingo (bingo), slots (gaming slots), as well as for sports betting (sports betting), lotteries (lottery), etc. The gaming industry, which began in the late 1990s, is today one of the largest sectors of electronic commerce. According to statistics, in ... Running an online casino is impossible without a way to process credit card payments.. Unfortunately, getting an online casino merchant account can be an uphill struggle due to the high-risk label that comes with any gambling enterprise. Read on to learn more about this issue and how you can solve it. Online casino and gaming merchant accounts tend to offer huge possibilities for revenue and return. Most merchant account providers become skeptical towards casino/ gaming merchants as they are not only high risk but are also capable of posing a problem later with high volume sales, potential chargeback, refunds, and frauds, etc. iPaytotal specializes in merchant accounts developed ... In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know before setting up your online casino merchant account and how to choose the best gambling credit card processing option for your business. The online gambling industry has to continuously keep up with changing market trends, which is why being able to rapidly innovate should be a key objective for online gambling merchants. Gambling has ... Merchant accounts are approved within 24 to 48 hours. Come up aces during casino and online gaming merchant account review. When casino and online gaming businesses apply for merchant accounts, processors and underwriters want to see that they are running legitimate, reputable businesses. The Fun of Gambling in an Online Casino November 28, 2020. Poker Rooms – Locating The Best Online Poker Rooms October 5, 2020. Extraordinary Online Poker Bonus Information September 15, 2020. Playing Poker Online Improves Your Skills July 19, 2020. Things You Need to Know Before Playing Online Casino Games July 12, 2020. Facebook Feed. Facebook. Subscribe Newsletter ... Online casino Merchant Account The Merchant Shop offers casino merchants an ideal solution for credit card processing that is fast and reliable. We offer merchants in the casino industry, the payment gateways they need in order to run their business worldwide. The Merchant Shop knows how hard it can be to find a casino merchant account that ... Opening a merchant account in a casino at several large and well-known providers of trading accounts is not at all a quick process, since it is necessary to take a number of steps to optimize the legal base and visual part of the site. Typically, payment providers work with all types of gambling businesses, including casinos and poker. However, like most in the payment world, such payment ... Banks are aware of the percentage of illegal casinos operating across the globe, and therefore suspicion within gambling establishments who want to open a casino merchant account. The best way to open a casino merchant account is to use the services of legal offices that process such accounts with acquiring banks. Some processing centers also ...

[index] [1242] [6581] [10591] [14426] [32865] [4710] [30929] [24573] [5085] [15840]

Paypal Isn't Reliable - Get Yourself A Merchant Account ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. is a high risk credit card processor and merchant account provider.High risk credit card processingMerchant account for pharmac... This video talks about merchant accounts versus Paypal. Paypal can hold your money, put rolling reserves on you, and refuse to allow you to sell certain item... Online gaming is booming, which makes it even more important for gaming merchants and platforms to pick the right payment solutions for their customers and m... Paypal, Stripe, Square vs Merchant Account - Which One Is Better - Merchant Account Processing - Duration : 17 ... Online United States Casinos 252 views. 3:02. Best Ways to Use Balance Transfer ... Gambling Dispute Solicitor, Online Casino Dispute Lawyer, Betting Dispute - Duration: 1:30. ... Merchant Account FAQ - Duration: 4:45. Moneck Payment Solutions 1,427 views. 4:45 . Win at Roulette ... Bot Owners Tried to Shut Me UpLet me know what you think about the copyright claim in the comment section. It's unfortunate that YouTube does not allow for a... Easy application process at Gaming. Gambling Roulette Poker Slots Casino Take payments online from your customers. Safe and se...