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Megathread 2: Donald Trump Leaked Video and Campaign Statement; GOP Statements

Please find the original megathread linked here, this is a continuation and expansion in light of additional conversation and more news.
This thread is for discussion of the leaked 2005 video in which Donald Trump discussed women, his online statement/taped apology following that tonight, and reactions from GOP officials including but not limited to unendorsements.
Reminder that this thread is for on-topic and civil discussion. Please be nice, and discuss the issue at hand.

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Representation of Women in Video Games - The Spideygirl Blog

Representation of Women in Video Games
So. I said I’d do this and here it is. I have a theory and I wanted to share it. Seemed topical given the online battle going on over video games.
What is up with female representation in video games? Is it sexism? Misogyny? Ignorant? Well, I have an idea and let me share it with you. As usual, please, indulge me and read to the end. It is along read so I hope you all are buckled in.
What is my theory? That the problems with representation isn’t to do with the negative outlook on women from society. It comes from the inherent positive view of women society has. That is to say, the view that women are inherently nice and pure, that we shield women from harm, that society cares much more about the plight of women than it does men.
I’m sure I’ve already lost a lot of you. But please, read beyond the break. Give me a fair shake. I’m a woman and I’ve been a gamer for a long time, probably close to a decade and a half. I’ve seen these issues evolve and I’ve experienced a lot of this behavior in real life. So, I’ll say again. Give me a fair shake.
The Female Power Fantasy
One of the first things society needs to understand is the concept of idealization and the female power fantasy. A lot of people already understand what a “male power fantasy” is but people seem to ignore even the possibility that a female power fantasy exists. Male and female power fantasies both involve heavy idealization of their forms, appeal to conventional beauty standards and to be powerful and in control of themselves and others.
The idea of the female power fantasy is not new, though the idea of accepting it seems to be a hurdle society doesn’t seem to like. Looking at something as widespread as cosplay is enough to prove that many women like dressing up in sexy outfits and looking badass at the same time. Playing similar characters has a similar effect.
The idea that women must be somehow protected from their own sexuality or idealized forms, when men don’t need to be is pretty condescending. Many male characters adhere to idealized male forms. The double standard, of course, is that when a male character is sexy it is empowerment but when a female character is sexy, it is sexism.
Society needs to get over the fact that women can have a power fantasy and that power fantasy can include looking sexy and being badass.
How will this help video games? Developers can focus on what actually constitutes a female power fantasy and employ it without fear of being chastised. We’ll see more games and characters like Bayonetta 1 and 2, where powerful, sexy women are prominent and people won’t feel a need to decry it as sexism. The fact that so many women cosplay as Bayonetta and enjoy the series should be enough to justify why this would do good for female representation in games.
Damsels in Distress: How We Hate Women in Pain
Let’s be real here. Society hates seeing a woman in pain. We, as a whole, dislike seeing women suffer, women hurt and women in general anguish. Men? We tend to be very okay with the concept of them dying, being hurt and being injured.
Consider the outcry about a game where a male protagonist spends his time gunning down hundreds of female NPCs. How offensive would that be to society as a whole? Now flip the genders, a female character gunning down male minions and suddenly it becomes socially acceptable.
We saw this in the Tomb Raider Reboot, where people were outright decrying the game as misogynistic and fetishizing abuse toward women, as Lara Croft was put through hell and back. She was stabbed, impaled, crushed, beaten… and well just about every possible thing possible.
An example in media that I like to use is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Consider Black Widow and how much damage she takes in Avengers and Winter Soldier. Compared to nearly every other character (Hulk notwithstanding due to being… well nearly invincible) she takes nearly no damage in the Avengers. She gets smacked by Hulk (which frankly should’ve liquefied her but only left her with a limp for 5 minutes). In Winter Soldier she is shot once, where Steve is shot, pummeled, thrown through glass, stabbed and electrocuted.
Hell, even Wilson and Fury got the crap kicked out of them more than Widow did. Need more proof? Imagine the torture scene from Casino Royale with a similar (but tailored for a woman) method of torture. Imagine the outrage at that.
So why is this important? Because we use pain to empathize with a character. We put characters through hell and back, we hurt characters, we make them suffer, because we want to feel something for them. The creators of Tomb Raider knew this. Pain and suffering shows conviction, it shows fortitude, it lets us empathize and creates drama.
And, yes, in fairness, games that let you choose your gender typically do avert this. And fighting games do usually involve female characters being beaten up. But those tend to be in the name of context and immersion. It’d be odd seeing the female characters in, say, a bloodbath like Mortal Combat walk out of a loss unscathed.
How will this help video games? If developers could no longer fear the backlash like Tomb Raider got, we’d get more female characters in action roles. We could see more female characters put through hell. Consider the games where male characters are put through that hell. Adam Jensen, nearly every iteration of Snake, etc. Their pain has purpose and the story they’re in wouldn’t be the same without it.
Femtality: Violence and Women
This is a minor one. Most people realize that women can kill, can fight, etc. But I’ve noticed a general trend. Women tend to avoid brutality and their kills are usually very clean, save for the case of self defense.
Let’s go back to Marvel. Black Widow. Consider her entire combat repertoire. We see Thor, Iron Man and Cap all do relatively brutal things, ranging from pummeling, smashing and generally ‘messier’ kinds of fighting. Even Hawkeye, who is similar, tends to have more brutal kills due to him using a bow and arrow.
We don’t usually see women resort to brutal tactics EXCEPT in cases where they’re defending themselves. We, as society, don’t like to acknowledge that women can be extremely violent just because they can. We don’t have a female Kratos, for example. In fact, I think given the amount of brutality Kratos exhibits, a lot of people would be put off by the fact that a female character would be eviscerating, impaling and slaughtering enemies like he does.
How would this help video games? Like I said, there are women who kill in video games. But lessening that social construct that women cannot be merciless killers or hyper violent would allow for some better depictions. It’d help female characters break into genres far more dominated by male characters. It’d get rid of the ‘damsel’ idea a lot of people have about women in video games when you, clearly, have women who’d be fine hacking and slashing her way through a wave of enemies.
Women and Morality: The Event Horizon
And this is where I get the hatemail. Society does not like to address the fact that women can be monsters. Nobody likes to admit that women can be abusers, sexual predators, pedophiles, alcoholics, drug addicts, sociopaths or psychopaths.
I applaud Dredd for the character of MaMa, but even though she was inherently cutthroat she didn’t really do much. She had a male right and left hand to do the skinning, murder and killing for her. And while she was clearly a corrupt and deadly character, we didn’t see a lot of that in action.
Women are usually portrayed as manipulative, liars or succubi, relatively non-violent, more passive failings. Men often get portrayed as violent, abusive, alcoholic, murders, etc. But in the real world, women can be these as well. Society just doesn’t like to talk about that though.
Society is inherently better accepting that a man can cross the moral event horizon, rather than a woman. In Fallout New Vegas, the characters with downright evil karma, the cannibals and rapists, are all men, for example. Alice, the Madness Returns, has a male character that does very much cross the moral event horizon. Hell, I don’t think I can recall a female protagonist with a drinking problem, like full blown alcoholism, drowning at the bottom of a bottle.
Society needs to come to terms with the idea that women are not infantile angels, incapable of atrocity or awful things committed against their fellow human beings. It needs to stop condescending toward women, acting like they’re incapable of these acts.
How does this help video games? Simple. It gives us a greater range for characters. Characters are often driven by their faults. Rage, alcoholism, abuse, etc, are all extremely viable flaws for a protagonist to grapple with and come to terms with. Meanwhile, some of the darker flaws, like torture, abuse, predatory nature, can create some truly disturbing villains, ones that become extremely memorable. It allows women to have flaws… which ties into…
Unrealistic Standards: How Female Characters don’t have to be Perfect
Women are not perfect. Women can have flaws. Women can be weak or have failings.
I hate when characters like Lara or Ellie get criticized for being ‘weak’ and therefore it is a bad depiction of women. Sorry, but women can and do have weakness, just like men do. If anything, the fact that we don’t have male characters breaking down and showing this level of weakness shows society’s inherent discomfort with MEN showing emotion. If anything, this gives female characters a greater range of emotion to explore.
But even then, not every woman needs to be strong in the way you think. Everyone criticizes Princess Peach. Peach is the perpetual, stereotypical damsel, right? So why are you measuring her by her ability to kick ass when she’s a princess? She’s a debutant, a princess, royalty. Do you expect her to bust out a hammer and start kicking ass?
What people seem to forget about Peach is her character. She is kind, compassionate, caring. Her people love her, she is the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. We’ve seen repeatedly that her subjects adore her and worry for her when she is in danger. Everyone forgets games like Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door where she tries to escape herself, where she is extremely kind, extremely gentle and extremely compassionate, to the point where she actually sways a computer into caring about her.
Princess Peach is not some kick ass warrior. She isn’t perfect. But she’s a different kind of character. And a good one when you look at her in that light.
Hell, even in the same universe we have an example. Who the fuck gives Luigi shit for acting the way he does? People love Luigi. Luigi is awesome. But he’s cowardly, lazy and has an inferiority complex. Which is to say a lot more personality than Mario has. Luigi isn’t perfect but nobody says that Luigi sucks. No, Luigi is made all the better for his flaws. And Peach is the same.
And this is where people bring up “Metroid: Other M” and say gamers don’t WANT a woman who has flaws. Bullshit. I’ve heard, repeated sentiments that Metroid: Other M would’ve been a great game if it was “Metroid Genesis”. If it was a fresh, new Samus coming to terms and facing Ridley for the first time and being inexperienced. But it wasn’t. People were angry because Samus’ reaction was not what we knew from where she was in the timeline, where she had faced Ridley at least twice (and upwards to a half dozen times before if you count Prime games) prior. She was supposed to be a badass Bounty Hunter at the time.
People need to get over the idea that every female character needs to be perfect. There are other ways of being strong, other ways of being a good character. Characters having flaws makes them interesting and combined with the previous entries here, it would be a good thing to keep in mind. Flaws, not strengths, make or break a character.
The Booker Explanation
I think this entire report could be summed up with a single question. Would Bioshock Infinite work as well if Booker was a woman? The answer is no. The game relies on too many of the above issues that a lot of people would be made extremely uncomfortable with a female Booker Dewitt.
Booker is an absolute monster. Would people be as accepting to a woman who sold her daughter? Who was an alcoholic? Who committed war crimes? Who was unapologetically racist as Comstock and who killed her husband? Who kept her daughter locked in a tower?
And Booker is violent. How do you think people would react to you brutally drowning and bashing the head in of a female Comstock?! How do you think people would react to a female booker snapping the necks of female police officers? How would you feel about gunning down a dozen members of “The Sorority of the Order of the Raven”?
And Booker gets put through hell. He is nearly killed by a claw hook, nearly falls to his death, has his hand stabbed (potentially), is pummelled repeatedly and thrown out of a blimp, and is ultimately drowned. In the DLC you see him get impaled and killed in first person.
I admit, in Burial at Sea 2, Elizabeth does do a lot more than a lot of female characters do. But not nearly as much as Booker. She’s a stealth character, making her less violent. She is tortured and hurt, though not nearly as much a Booker (and the fact that it was meant to put Atlas squarely into the “absolute monster” position) and she does make a mistake. But even then, everything she does apparently turns out for the better, even her mistake ends up causing something really good to happen.
I honestly feel that if Bioshock Infinite was released with a female protagonist, it’d be ripped to shreds by a lot of people for the above listed reasons. You want that game, with a female character like Booker? You want characters with that level of depth, story and fault? Then we need to stop acting like this is the work of ‘misogyny’ and start realizing that it is because society has an overwhelmingly positive view of women.
Thank you all for reading. If you enjoyed this, reblog and recommend to others.
Source -
Thought this was a rather interesting counterpoint to the discussion going on about the perception of woman in video games. It also expands upon the whole idea of woman not being able to be seriously flawed without having rage flung at the characters and their creators. There are certain situations and topics that are flat out off limit for female characters that are not for male characters. This is a huge part of the reason why generic white brown haired dude in his late 20s is the standard protag nobody gives a shit when you put them through hell.
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[Burial at Sea and Infinite Spoilers] A poorly written 4 AM analysis of Sally's impact on the story of Burial at Sea. Thoughts and criticism welcome!

For Elizabeth, it's the idea of a child being taken from their realities and put into another one is so incredibly unacceptable--eventually. In Part 1, Sally is tied to DeWitt, a child that Comstock/Booker takes in Sally because he happens across her by chance. Remember the idea of Comstock being so distraught by his attempt to take Elizabeth going awry (her head is cut off by the closing tear) that he sought refuge in Rapture and the DeWitt identity and subsequently forgets who he is, similar to the plot of Infinte. He was the cause of one child's death, but he won't be the cause of Sally's. Except he was. He, being Booker, is an alcoholic gambler, who takes Sally along to the casino. She is abducted and trafficked, and eventually Little Sister'd.
This is where it gets fun! Elizabeth arrives in Rapture and being omniscient due to her powers, knows of BookeComstock and Sally. She uses Sally as a pawn to get Booker to work with her; because she is so fixated on revenge she does not care about the child herself. When Booker realizes his reality as Comstock, he lets his guard down and Elizabeth is satisfied as he dies knowing the full extent of his crimes.
Elizabeth then says "Got mine, now I'm out this bitch", likely thinking of Paris and her own goals, abandons Sally in the heated vents, and the enraged Big Daddy attacks her for her negligence. Elizabeth dies, but being the omniscient being she is, she ends up like the Luteces. She chooses to live in Paris, a version of which she creates in her mind-- note that this is her ideal life: everyone knows and loves her, she has friends and can roam freely... until memories of Sally's fate begin to haunt her. She exclaims "I never should have left you there".
Lutece mentions "the Apple not falling far from the tree", implying Elizabeth is just like Booker in his abandonment and carelessness. Not wanting to be governed by his shitty actions, she demands to be taken back to Rapture. Since she died there, her powers are taken away, and she forgets why she is there-- only knowing that she must save Sally at all costs. She later questions why she's even helping, as Atlas will surely kill her and then take advantage of Sally. She knew deep down through her previous powers of "seeing all the doors", Jack would eventually rescue Sally, but she was not aware of this fact due to her miniature amnesia onset by returning to Rapture post-death. She dies happy, the Ace returning her memory of Jack and his rescue.
Essentially, Sally is Elizabeth's Anna. Sally is Comstock's Anna. Sally is more symbolic in her inspiration to the main characters needs to make up for their sins. Elizabeth's storyline very much mirrors that of Booker from Infinite. Ignores fate of young girl for personal gain/selfish reasons, feels immense guilt after the child is taken away, spends life trying to make good on it and rescue child. Mini-amnesia episode is experienced upon entering tear to different area. Both die knowing that their actions have set the child free.
A criticism of Burial at Sea is Elizabeth being a time-warping, cosmic anamoly, so why would she care about Sally? She is a cosmic anamoly, and that's exactly why she becomes the selfish mess that she is. She is so wrapped up in her vision and so ravenous for revenge that she ignores a little child. She doesn't even care about until after she dies, and she begins seeing visions of Sally in her head. Elizabeth is still a person, and she knows her history as well as Booker's. When the dust settles, she reflects on her failures and moves forward. Sort of like how the Lutece's became involved with Booker and Elizabeth for scientific reasons as well as revenge of their own on Comstock.
TLDR the message of Burial at Sea is that Elizabeth is Booker Jr.
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[SPOILERS] Just finished Bioshock Infinite for the rest time. Need to discuss some things.

Just to make sure I'm understanding the ending correctly, here's what I've got so far:
Elizabeth wants to ensure that she never becomes the monster who destroys the world. To accomplish this goal, Elizabeth wants to prevent Comstock from being born. (By this point, Elizabeth knows that Comstock is a Booker after he's accepted baptism.)
Booker wants to ensure that he never puts Elizabeth through all the shit that she's been through. To accomplish this goal, he wants to prevent himself from ever trading away his daughter Anna, who becomes Elizabeth after being traded away. Because Booker blames Comstock for this trade, he resolves to kill Comstock in the crib (prevent him from being born). (By this point, Booker doesn't know that he becomes Comstock in some timelines.)
After they both decide they want these things, they open the different doors to different times and places and eventually come back to where Booker had choice to accept or not accept baptism. In the event that Booker does not accept baptism, he remains Booker. In the event that he does accept baptism, he takes the new name Comstock and becomes an evangelical nutjob who wants to destroy the world.
To prevent himself from ever becoming Comstock in any time or space, thereby preventing him from causing Elizabeth all the pain she's suffered, he allows himself to be drowned.
I have a million questions about this:
  1. If Booker allows himself to be drowned, that means that he's always allowed himself to be drowned (because everything that happens had already happened). In this case, Comstock would never exist in the first place. So how did anything in this game ever happen?
  2. Forgetting the first question because it's one of those complicated time-travel questions, how exactly did Booker go from an ordinary solider to an evangelical nutjob who becomes lord of a flying city and who wants to burn the entire world by jumping around through time and stealing his own baby from an alternate timeline? I know that people can change drastically through war and religion, but this seems like a huge jump in character that is never explained. I guess it can be explained by the idea that any reality that possibly can exist does exist, and if anything is possible than it's possible that Booker, an ordinary soldier, could become Comstock, an evangelical nutjob who wants to burn the world. Therefore, because anything can be and because anything that can be is, Booker could conceivably become Comstock. I just really want another video game, book or movie that shows how exactly Booker grew into Comstock.
  3. Before Booker realizes that he is Comstock, why does Booker say that all of this is Comstock's fault? (He says it while he and Elizabeth are doing all the lighthouse stuff.) At that point in the game, all Booker knows is that he (Booker) owed a debt to Mr. Comstock, and the Lutece Brother seemed to be the collections guy. The Lutece Brother told Booker that Booker could trade Anna away to Mr. Comstock in exchange for wiping away whatever "gambling" debt he had accrued with Mr. Comstock. Without knowing what this debt is or how it happened, it sounds like Booker is just failing to accept personal responsibility for his own poor decisions (getting himself in debt with Mr. Comstock, trading away his own child to save his own ass, etc). Remember, although right now we all know that Booker is Comstock, at this point in the game Booker does not know that.
  4. What exactly was Booker's debt, and how did he end up owing it to himself (Comstock)? The most detail we got is that Booker gambled and ended up owing debt to bad people. We don't even know what exactly "gambled" means. Does that mean he lost a game of blackjack in a casino? Does it mean he gambled with the odds of backstabbing a business partner and ended up getting caught? Does it mean he gambled with the odds of crossing an infamous local crime lord? We have no idea.
Furthermore, how could Booker owe a debt to Mr. Comstock (himself)? Comstock must have gone back into a different timeline, manipulated a shitload of events that caused Booker to "gamble" against Comstock (thereby gambling against himself) and end up losing that bet. These events either must have been orchestrated perfectly by Comstock or Comstock must have relied on luck and lots of time-jumping because this would have had to have been a very intricate plan with lots of ways to go wrong.
  1. (THIS IS QUESTION FIVE, NOT QUESTION 1. REDDIT FORMATTING IS WEIRD) Why exactly did Booker get wrapped up in this in the first place? In other words, why did the Lutece twins get on the rowboat in the beginning of the game and take Booker to the tower that took him to Columbia? Is it because the twins realized that all their meddling caused the end of the world and they wanted to prevent it?
Thanks! What a great game.
submitted by ballandabiscuit to Bioshock [link] [comments]

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